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Holiday Stress
Think Long-Term
Stay On The Track
Enjoy the Ride
Boost Metabolism Naturally


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My Blog

Holiday Stress

The holiday's can be very stressful. Stress is a major factor fighting against weight loss. Try to reduce your stress this holiday season, to lose weight in the new year.

Think Long-Term

Don't let your New Year's resolutions go to the dogs. Stay in there and focus on 
long-term goals. Getting healthy and losing weight is a life long effort. So don't be too hard on your self after the first month.

Stay On The Track

Discipline will be needed to reach your desired fitness goals. Don't think you're going to get the amazing body without enforcing some self-control. the best thing is getting healthy is probably the hardest thing you will do in your life. So staying discipline in your routine and enforcing some self-control will carry over into every aspect of your life to make you a better person. So congratulations in advance for your success!

Enjoy the Ride

Health and Wellness is a life long journey. It's OK to set goals but don't stress yourself out. Improving upon yourself is an enjoyable experience. Getting on the scale everyday and depriving yourself food defeats the purpose of creating a healthy lifestyle. Take exercise slow, and enjoy food in moderation. You will enjoy yourself more and health and wellness will evolve into your lifestyle instead of something you dread on a regular basis. 

Boost Metabolism Naturally

Green Tea, Iodine, and Chromium has been shown to boost metabolism, increase energy and aid in weight-loss. Green Tea contains health-promoting polyphenols, including EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate. A number of studies suggest it helps support healthy metabolic rate and weight-loss. Iodine is a trace mineral involved in the production of thyroid hormones that regulate the basal metabolic rate which affects the body's rate of calorie burn. Chromium plays an important role in glucose utilization and is required for the release of energy from glucose. it is now generally recognized as helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels for those already in the normal range. 

Help Your Diabetes with Lycopene

Diabetes is powerfully driven by oxidation and inflammation. Diabetes may be able to protect themselves by increasing their lycopene intake; studies show that high consumption of tomato products can improve resistance to oxidation in people with 
type II diabetes. Diabetics with the highest blood lycopene levels also have a greater glucose tolerance than do those with lower lycopene levels. 

Protect Yourself Against Food

Heavily cooked foods inflict massive damage to the genes. According to the University of Minnesota women who ate overcooked hamburgers had a 50% greater risk of breast cancer than women who ate rare or medium hamburger. An Iowa Women's Health Study found that women who consistently eat well-done steak, hamburgers, and bacon have a 4.62 fold increased risk of breast cancer.

Cooking for Health

How food is cooked has a lot to do with whether it prevents or causes disease. An example is fish. People who eat fish have fewer heart attacks. People who eat more fried fish have higher increases of heart disease. Depending on the cooking method, the same food can either accelerate obesity or aid in weight loss. 

Lose More Weight

Women taking multivitamins were less hungry while losing weight on a diet and exercise program, and men on the program lost more weight with multivitamins, according to a Canadian study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Researchers noted that nutrient deficiencies may interfere with hormones that normally turn off hunger during and after meals, and multivitamins can correct the problem. 

Use Support Groups To Lose Weight

Support groups are a great way to lose weight. On your journey there will be obstacles to you obtaining your goals. Sometimes you will be the obstacle. When you have a good support group they remind you of you goals and keep you on track. When you feel like quitting they are there. Even when you are giving it your all, sometimes you still need an extra push to take to the next level. Your group will be there for you. surround yourself with positive people to meet your goals. 
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