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Total Wellness Program
Father of Medicine
In the Stone Age, most of humankind accepted debilitating illness as something was caused by a higher being for no apparent reason. The few cultures that did practice medicine believed that cures lay in expelling the disease causing demon from the body. Later in antiquity, humankind developed the belief that sickness was punishment from a supernatural being and that the cure for sickness laying prayer and repentance from the action that angered the Gods.
Weight-loss programOne of the earliest people to refute both of these beliefs was the Greek physician, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), the founder of modern medicine. Hippocrates is best known today for the Hippocratic Oath still recited by medical school graduates. Unfortunately, medicine today has evolved far from the most important beliefs of its most famous practitioner.
Hippocrates regarded the body as a "whole" being rather than just the sum of operating parts-whereas today modern medicine often treats each organ or illness in isolation. Hippocrates studied each patient in his or her own environment, from their occupation to their diet. In doing so, Hippocrates came to the conclusion that health was the natural state, that disease was abnormal.
Hippocrates was the first physician focused on preventing disease as well as treating disease. In all areas of medicine, he taught that the right types of nourishment and exercise were the keys to both avoiding sickness and regaining health.
This program is designed to improve our clients overall health from the inside out. 
What You Get:
One Life Coaching Session
 Full Two Week Meal Plan
Twelve 45 minute Personal Training Sessions*
Personalized Home Workouts
Nutritional Supplement Program
Stress Reduction Techniques
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