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Head Start Activities Program
Our Head Start Activities Program was established to help fight the epidemic of childhood obesity and to help foster healthier lifestyles amongst our youth. One of the major components of our program is educating and training parents on health and fitness. Doing so enables them to reinforce healthy habits with their children at home and lead by example. The physical fitness and self-esteem that develops as a result of our program are all part of what creates healthy lifestyle choices for children as they grow older. The  purpose of our Head Start Activities Program is to assist caregivers from varying backgrounds build a strong health and wellness foundation for their family.
The Head Start activities program aids children who are in need of a focused wellness program. So many things can go into a struggling child: parents not being home, lack of play time, inadequate nutrition, and low self-esteem. But through our program, some of the feelings and situations can be altered for the better. In some aspects measured results may be difficult, but it can be observed in healthier self-esteem, increased focus in the classroom, enhanced socialization, improved motor skills, and better overall 
Nutrition is a main element in the Head Start Program. But nutrition and fitness is naturally intertwined. Children have routine ear, eye, and mouth check-ups with the school or doctor; incorporating fitness only makes sense for an overall healthier future in general. Nutrition and health are huge aspects of Head Start and continued to be modified and altered for the better. Athletes4life is filling the gap as Head Start programs move toward more structured play and fitness. 
Parental involvement is another important aspect of Head Start. That's why we focus heavily on educating caregivers, so they may properly lead by example. According to research by Yale University School of Medicine, mothers are seen more often in the care giving role than anyone else. However, Athletes4life believes that each person involved in a child's life needs to realize the importance of health and wellness. Thus, our program is attempting to get more caregivers involved  as we have been focusing on educating more fathers, grandmothers, aunts, and uncles on how to incorporate fitness, wellness, and nutrition at home, making it fun, all while building closer relationships with their children. 
Athletes4life Head Start Partners
Edward C. Mazique Parent Child Center
1719 13th Street, NW
Washington DC, 20009
Head Start/Early Head Start
Wardman Court Center
1308 Clifton St NW
Washington DC, 20009
Early Head Start
Municipal Child Development Center
2000 14th St NW
Washington DC, 20009
Head Start
Tyler House Child Development Center
1200 N Capitol St NW
Washington DC, 20002
Early Head Start
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