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About Us
Cynthia Agyeman MSW, LICSW
Executive Director
Cynthia Agyeman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has spent the last 10 years in Human Services helping children, young adults, and the elderly. Through counseling, sports, fitness, nutrition, and creative recreational programming her company has become essential in the community. She takes great pride in the ability of the company to meet the critical needs of a physically, socially, and economically diverse community. 
Cynthia is passionate about Therapeutic Health and Wellness and believes the foundation for healthy living starts with education. Giving people the skills to use is important; but teaching them why they should do it is what her programs are all about. Cynthia enjoys knowing that her organization is making an impact in the lives her clients and community.
"My goal is to work with your agency to further it's Therapeutic Health and Wellness programs. We want to ensure that people have the educational resources to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles".  Cynthia
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